Hey, I'm Marcel, the creator of wanderer.moe.

I started working on the site for over 2 years, full-time (60-80 hours/week) when I was just 15, the site now averages 400,000+ users a month.

I have been paying out of pocket for years, where wanderer.moe costs hundreds a month to host. This is incredibly stressful & I was recently informed by doctors if I continue at my current rate of stress, I'm very likely to face severe medical complications. This could lead to me being unable to work on the site.

Therefore, I'm asking for help to guarantee the future stability of the site. This also allows me to work on my other projects alongside maintaining and updating wanderer.moe.

You will be redirected to Stripe, where you can choose the amount you wish to donate.

If you donate any amount, please send an email: [email protected]. In return, you (and any of your socials) will be added to wanderer.moe as a thanks.